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Tiaga Biomes Diorama Printable

Tiaga Biomes Diorama Printable

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Introducing our Tiaga Diomes Shoebox Diorama Printable: the perfect blend of education and creativity for learners and craft enthusiasts of all ages! This beautifully designed printable transforms the classic shoebox diorama project into an immersive exploration of the taiga biome, inviting users to dive deep into the wonders of boreal forests.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our 6-page printable includes vibrant backgrounds and realistic animal and plant cut-outs covering the taiga ecosystem's essential aspects. Whether you're a teacher looking to bring life to your biology lessons, a parent seeking educational crafts for home learning, or a student eager to create a standout project, this printable diorama kit offers a fun, engaging, and academic experience.

The Tiaga Diomes Shoebox Diorama Printable is easy to download, and print is designed to fit standard shoebox sizes. It's ideal for school projects, homeschooling resources, or simply as a creative way to explore and appreciate the beauty and complexity of one of Earth's vital biomes.

What's included:

  • High-resolution, printable backgrounds depicting the lush taiga landscape.
  • A diverse set of flora and fauna cut-outs, characteristic of the taiga biome, ready to be brought to life in 3D form.
  • 6 Printable Pages

This is a printable digital download PDF - Nothing will be shipped to you.


  • US Letter Size (8.5” x 11”) -- to suit your home printer


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